Combination of suspension tester and roller brake tester in a single compact (and price effective) frame connected to the PC based control unit (Windows OS, widescreen monitor). Test procedure efficiently uses both testers placed in a single part hot-dip galvanized frame.

EUSAMA principle suspension tester (other evaluation methods – Minimum Phase Shift, Damping Ratio) for cars and vans up to 4 ton drive-over weight and 1.7 ton maximum testing axle weight. 4 point weighing system, allowing to show weight on the measuring plate (700 x 270 mm, not sealed), power supply 3/N/PE 400V AC/50Hz.

Roller brake tester for cars and vans up to 4 tons axle drive-over weight and 1.6 ton maximum testing axle weight, 4 kN maximum brake force, 2×3 kW motor power, standard test speed 5.5 km/h, rollers 205×700 mm, power supply 3/N/PE 400V AC/50Hz.


  • Suspension test result evaluation according to any of the three implemented test methods (EUSAMA, Minimum phase shift and Damping ratio). None of these three test methods requires comparing to the database of the vehicle/damper specific reference values.
  • EUSAMA value for each wheel in %. EUSAMA evaluates minimum adhesion value between the wheel and the road.
  • Minimum phase shift for each wheel in degrees. Minimum phase shift is the extension / alternative method to the EUSAMA test method, suitable also for a very light car testing. In engineering similarly as the Damping ratio, Phase shift is also used as a measure of damping properties of oscillating systems.
  • Damping ratio for each wheel (dimensionless quantity). This is an alternative method to the EUSAMA, where 'efficiency' of dampers is evaluated directly. In engineering the Damping ratio is a generally used dimensionless measure describing how oscillations in a system (wheel on the car body) decay after disturbance.
  • Tire stiffness for each wheel in N/mm, indicating the tire pressure.

  • Widescreen LCD monitor 22” – 32”, supported native screen resolutions from 640x480 to 2560x1600 pixels
  • Highly customizable error and warning setting according to specific country limit values
  • Automated guided test with possibility of automatic results printout and/or save results (graphs and values) in Adobe Acrobat format (pdf), correct results in green color/wrong results in red color optionally - unsafe results in yellow color

  • Manual motor run.
  • Numeric brake force imbalance indication during the test, color indication of limit value exceed
  • Highest brake force imbalance evaluation after test
  • Slip indication (in color).
  • Support for 4x4 vehicle testing

  • Total-, axle-, and wheel-weights in kg or daN
  • Safety functions during system and motors start up, providing protection for either people working around tester or protecting tester itself from damage
  • Motors protection IP55 (=splash proof), strain gage transducers with even higher protection level IP65
  • Automatic zero adjustment before test
  • Tester error check procedure
  • Possibility to start (from the tester control software) relation of remote support (through TeamViewer). It is possible to start this remote support relation only if the computer is connected to the internet.
More characteristics


  • Side slip meter
  • Infrared remote controller
  • Color printer
  • Membrane keyboard
  • 3 x 240 V or 60 Hz net frequency
  • Split version of in ground part
  • Installation frame
  • Other evaluation methods - Minimum phase shift and Damping ratio
  • Vehicle noise testing
  • Pedal force meter.
  • Rollers drive-over covers
  • Motorbike testing kit
  • Motors soft starters
  • Calibration set


  • Control unit
  • Pc with os., monitor, keyboard, mouse
  • PC software
  • Ground unit with 12 m cable


Technical data
Basic test method EUSAMA (0-100%)
Other evaluation methods Minimum phase shift (0-180⁰), Damping ratio (0-0.3)
Tire stiffness 50-500 N/mm
Motor power (2 motors) 2 x 1.5 kW
Motors driven by freq. inverter No
Maximum testing axle weight 1700 kg
Axle weight measuring range 2500 kg
Maximum drive-over axle weight 4000 kg
Measuring plate dimension 700 x 270 mm
Min/max test width 800/2200
Measuring frequency 25-5 Hz
Peak to peak amplitude 6 mm


Technical data
Maximum drive-over axle weight 4000 kg
Maximum testing axle weight 1600 kg
Maximum brake force 4 kN
Test speed 5.5 km/h
Motor power (2 motors) 2 x 3 kW
Roller size 205 x 700 mm
Distance of rollers 400 mm
Rollers elevation 0 mm
Measuring system strain gage sensors
Minimum/maximum test width 800/2200 mm
Minimum/maximum wheel size 450/1100 mm
Installation frame 140 kg
Ground unit 700 kg
Control unit 66 kg
Basic dimensions
Installation frame 2370 x 950 x 300 mm
Ground unit 2340 x 920 x 300 mm
Control unit 530 x 572 x 1290 mm w/o monitor
Electric supply
Total load 7.5 kVA
Connection 3NPE-50 Hz 400 V / TN-S