About company

Suspension testers – from the basic one to the most advanced
ModularTest was founded in 2011 with the intention to offer a series of suspension testers on top of roller brake testers. These suspension testers cover not only the limited requirements of small garages but also the requirements of large Periodical Technical Inspection (PTI) vehicle testing centers for a heavy duty equipment.

More than 25 years of experiences
The founder of ModularTest, dipl. Ing. Pavel Skuhravy, has worked in the automotive equipment industry since 1989 in several research & development or managing positions. Between others he was responsible for the introduction and approval of the first generation of EUSAMA suspension testers to the Belgian PTI market. He further deepened his knowledge of suspension testing in cooperation with Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in the Czech Republic or in cooperation with R&D department of GOCA in Belgium on development projects of Minimum Phase Shift or Damping Ratio measurement on EUSAMA suspension testers.

Efficient manufacturing
Most of the ModularTest mechanical production is subcontracted by proven partners like KEB-EGE or Roboterm. The ModularTest team subsequently performs the final adjustment and testing. In order to minimize production costs our own highly experienced development team optimizes designs for manufacturing possibilities of our partners. Usage of identical mechanical and measuring subsystems (modules) over several different testers is the next step in the production optimization.

Flexible response to client requests
An integral part of all our equipment is software which is also developed internally at ModularTest. Cooperation with approved partners of mechanics guarantees almost unlimited production of ModularTest products and on top of it indoor software development enables very fast response to client requirements.

If there are any questions about our products please contact us on pavel@modulartest.cz or by phone +420 722 706 712.