25.11.2013 – New product – combo tester ST200

We are proud to announce the new product. The MCP400 is the combination of the EUSAMA suspension tester and the roller brake tester in a single compact (and price effective) frame. This combo tester is our answer to a market demand of an affordable test lane for any garage.
The suspension tester part of MCP400 shares the drive and the measuring chain with the ST200 suspension tester and is actually the third member of our new standard EUSAMA suspension tester group. This suspension tester, similarly to our other suspension testers, supports several evaluation methods – EUSAMA, the Minimum Phase Shift and the Damping ratio.
The roller brake tester part of the MCP400 is identical to the RP 600 roller brake tester, roller dimension – diameter 205 mm and length 700 mm, roller speed 5.5 km/h and the maximum brake force up to 6 kN.
Compared to the standard test lanes the combo tester MCP400 brings high price saving, space saving (single very compact frame) and savings on the ground work (combo tester MCP400 is put in the concrete using the single optional install frame).